Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Again!

I say that with a British accent and in a man's voice because I love the part in The Parent Trap (with Lindsay Lohan) when Martin says that to Hallie who pretends to be Annie returning to England.
Anyway, I made chocolate banana pancakes this morning, inspired by the chocolate waffle at Norma's. It was not the same. Now I am thinking about the blueberry pancakes from Clinton Street Baking Company... Delightful!

My friend lives near this restaurant and told me that it has been voted Best Pancakes in NYC before. I went on a Sunday (bad idea) with 3 others, and we put my name down at 11:30am. We were told the wait would be approximately 2 hours. It was 2 and a 1/2. My sister and I went to Dunkin Donuts nearby while we waited and had coffee first. At 2pm, we got a table and ordered: 1 buttermilk biscuit and raspberry jam, 2 spanish scrambles, 1 onion rings, 1 country breakfast, 1 beets salad, and 1 blueberry pancakes. The blueberry pancakes were heavenly. So very light and fluffy, and full of blueberries! On top and inside there were just blueberries everywhere. The buttermilk biscuit was hot and flaky. The jam was very liquid-y, so you could pour it over the biscuit. The onion rings were very crispy.
Everything was pretty good, but my favorite was the blueberry pancakes. A few days later we went back at dinnertime to order the blueberry pancakes before going to the Halal Stand. Wait time? None. Way more satisfying.
The restaurant does not take reservations, but the pancakes are on the dinner menu as well, which is really nice. Who doesn't like pancakes for dinner?

Here is the menu.

Here is a bigger map.


  1. I, for one, love pancakes for dinner!!

  2. Aww! I love that you have a food blog! It's perfect for you!

    And I'm glad to have gotten you on the CSBCo trip! I should try going at dinnertime too now. Personally, I like the banana nut pancakes :)


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