Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prime Rib at Lawry's, Yum!

Sometimes I scroll through my photo albums when I am trying to decide what to eat. I came across pictures from Lawry's in Taipei, and my mouth started watering. Steak is one reason I could never be a vegetarian. Lawry's Prime Rib is another. So darn good.
Dinner sets are available, beginning with a salad, followed by prime rib and sides of yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes. I usually order a California Cut for my entree, which is the smallest size. The salad is mixed in front of you and includes romaine and iceberg lettuce, beets, egg, croutons, cherry tomatoes, and a sweet salad dressing. Oh, I also love to order a side of creamed corn. The recipe for the creamed corn is on Lawry's website. I tried it at home and it came out perfectly! It is so easy to make, check it out the recipe here.
Okay, so what I like most about the prime rib at Lawry's: it is always so juicy, tasty, and tender. Every bite is satisfying. I also love sauces, and the Lawry's horseradish dabbed on top of each bite of meat makes it even better!

Loooove Lawry's...

Lawry's website:

Here is a bigger map.

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