Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving dinner was a success!

We made:
Green Bean Casserole
Candied Yams
Sausage and Tomato Sauce Stuffing
A 13 pound Turkey
Pumpkin Pie

張老師, my old Chinese teacher also brought the most delicious cake from Island Shangri la. It's called Frou-Frou cake. It is a macaroon biscuit with crispy praline and dark chocolate mousse. To die for. You can check out other cakes the shop sells here.

Molly wouldn't leave the kitchen all day:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prime Rib at Lawry's, Yum!

Sometimes I scroll through my photo albums when I am trying to decide what to eat. I came across pictures from Lawry's in Taipei, and my mouth started watering. Steak is one reason I could never be a vegetarian. Lawry's Prime Rib is another. So darn good.
Dinner sets are available, beginning with a salad, followed by prime rib and sides of yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes. I usually order a California Cut for my entree, which is the smallest size. The salad is mixed in front of you and includes romaine and iceberg lettuce, beets, egg, croutons, cherry tomatoes, and a sweet salad dressing. Oh, I also love to order a side of creamed corn. The recipe for the creamed corn is on Lawry's website. I tried it at home and it came out perfectly! It is so easy to make, check it out the recipe here.
Okay, so what I like most about the prime rib at Lawry's: it is always so juicy, tasty, and tender. Every bite is satisfying. I also love sauces, and the Lawry's horseradish dabbed on top of each bite of meat makes it even better!

Loooove Lawry's...

Lawry's website:

Here is a bigger map.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disappointing Pizza at Lombardi's

I just realized I never posted about my pizza lunch at Lombardi's in New York. I was excited to try the pizza for 2 reasons. 1: a 4 out of 5 rating based on 765 reviews on Yelp. 2: It's "America's First Pizzeria, established in 1905".

What. a. disappointment.
My friend and I ordered a pepperoni and onions pizza to share. The pepperonis were good-- tasty and crispy, but the most important part was missing: enough cheese! Had we known there was going to be so little cheese, we probably would have ordered cheese as a topping. Just look at the picture! Not enough cheese at all. Pizza can't be saved at that point.
On top of the sad pizza situation, the restaurant doesn't accept credit cards. Lovely.

Here is Lombardi's website.

Here is a bigger map.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Isola, Always a Favorite...


Sirloin with parmesan cheese on top and arugula on the side

I could never get sick of Isola. The service and quality are always consistent, and with huge windows looking out onto the harbour, it is a delightful experience every time. I prefer going for lunch because of the choice for having an appetizer and dessert buffet. The potato salad is excellent, the melon under the proscuitto is fresh and juicy year-round, and the chocolate mousse is divine.
The set lunch is HK$248 per person and that includes a choice of an entree and also coffee or tea. Sadly, their wonderful pizza is not a choice for the set lunch.

Take a look at the menu on Isola's website.

Shop 3071-75, 4011, International Finance Center, Central. (MTR Exit A)
Phone number: 2383-8765

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh Chocolate...

How wonderful you are.

I am not sure if it is possible to express just how much I love chocolate. I just had such an amazing and inspiring (yes, chocolate can be inspiring) truffle that I immediately ran over to my computer to make a blog entry about it.
I have yet to try the piece on the right, as I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but if it makes as big an impact on me as the piece on the left did, then I will be sure to tell you.
There were unexpected little crunches of goodness in the middle of the creamy milk chocolate filling that made the experience of my first bite even more pleasant than I could imagine.

Oh Leonidas, can I marry you?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New York Pizza at Bleecker Street Pizza

Bleecker Street Pizza is now one of my favorite pizza places. My friend and I got there at around 12pm, right before a mad rush of people arrived. There are only around 20 seats in the pizzeria, so we were lucky to get seats. I wanted to get a slice of pepperoni, but there were none available at the time and I didn't want to wait, so I got a Grandma (mozarella, parmesan, marinara sauce on thick crust) and a regular (mozarella). My friend also ordered a regular, as well as a Nonna Maria (similar to the Grandma but on thin crust). It's great when pizzerias put the already baked pizzas into the brick oven to heat up so that you do not have to wait too long for a hot slice of pizza!
I cannot stress enough how tasty the pizza here was. The thin crust was perfect, and the cheese and other toppings tasted very fresh. The prices are very reasonable too. Slices range from $2.25 to $2.75

The menu!

Here is a bigger map.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Home Again!

I say that with a British accent and in a man's voice because I love the part in The Parent Trap (with Lindsay Lohan) when Martin says that to Hallie who pretends to be Annie returning to England.
Anyway, I made chocolate banana pancakes this morning, inspired by the chocolate waffle at Norma's. It was not the same. Now I am thinking about the blueberry pancakes from Clinton Street Baking Company... Delightful!

My friend lives near this restaurant and told me that it has been voted Best Pancakes in NYC before. I went on a Sunday (bad idea) with 3 others, and we put my name down at 11:30am. We were told the wait would be approximately 2 hours. It was 2 and a 1/2. My sister and I went to Dunkin Donuts nearby while we waited and had coffee first. At 2pm, we got a table and ordered: 1 buttermilk biscuit and raspberry jam, 2 spanish scrambles, 1 onion rings, 1 country breakfast, 1 beets salad, and 1 blueberry pancakes. The blueberry pancakes were heavenly. So very light and fluffy, and full of blueberries! On top and inside there were just blueberries everywhere. The buttermilk biscuit was hot and flaky. The jam was very liquid-y, so you could pour it over the biscuit. The onion rings were very crispy.
Everything was pretty good, but my favorite was the blueberry pancakes. A few days later we went back at dinnertime to order the blueberry pancakes before going to the Halal Stand. Wait time? None. Way more satisfying.
The restaurant does not take reservations, but the pancakes are on the dinner menu as well, which is really nice. Who doesn't like pancakes for dinner?

Here is the menu.

Here is a bigger map.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't Make Me Leave...

Magnoliaaaaaaaaa! Got a red velvet and chocolate cupcake. I wanted the banana cream pie again because I love the crust so much, but it was out for the night. I sampled the famous banana pudding, but one bite was all I could handle at the time. Sometimes I fail myself.

If only I could bring this to HK...

Here is a bigger map.

Oysters and Lobster at Fish!

We returned to Fish on Bleecker street for another lobster and more oysters! It's a really cozy restaurant, and as my sister pointed out, so unpretentious. The servers are really helpful and not in the least bit snobby. My sister and I each got 6 oysters and then shared a lobster again like last time. The oysters were so satisfying-- as enjoyable as last time. To be honest, I could probably go for 12 next time haha. We requested to switch the lobster dish's sides of french fries and corn to whipped potatoes and creamed spinach. THe whipped potatoes were delicious. It was simple with butter and a dash of pepper, and perfect as a side to the lobster. The creamed spinach was too salty, but when mixed with the potatoes it was okay. I tried some of my friend's steamed mussels-- the soup base was very good.

Here is a bigger map.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snack Time at Cafe Habana

Walking around builds up a good appetite. After the pizza lunch we walked and shopped, and eventually made our way to Cafe Habana, which was recommended to me first by my bf's sister, a fellow foodie, then by my dear friend who pigged out with me in Europe for 2 weeks straight last summer. There are two separate Cafe Habana shops side by side. One is a sit down and order kind of place which happened to be packed when we walked in at 3pm, so we went next door where you can order for take out. The corn is amazing... and for $1.95, really hard to beat in price. The corn I had at the North Carolina State Fair was more than double the price, and had butter on it. Anyway, back to the point: the corn is amazing. The seasoning is delicious. They give you a slice of lime to sprinkle on top as well, and there is melted cheese on top. I think it would have been even better if it was warm, but the taste was just right!

Some pictures of the menu:

Manhattan Location:

17 Prince Street (between Elizabeth Street & Mott Street)
New York, NY 10012
Phone number: (212)625-2002


Here is a bigger map.

There is also a Cafe Habana in Brooklyn: map here.

Last Day in NYC, John's Pizzeria

Last day for food in this wonderful city. Had lunch at John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street. The pizzeria does not sell by slice, it only has 14" or 16" pizzas. Four of us split a 16"/8 slice pepperoni and olives pizza and a pitcher of soda. The total without tip was $25. There was a lot of each topping on the pizza, which was great. This pizza was soooo much better than Lombardi's which I tried last week and still have to write about. Thin crust at its best!
Click here for the website! (For some reason, none of the links e.g menu, location, etc. work for me).

I visited the Bleecker Street location:

Here is a bigger map.

There is also a location near Times Square. Map here.

Best Brunch Ever...

Here is a picture of the half eaten waffle: all the peanut butter goo coming out... yum!

Norma's at Le Parker Meridien gave me hands down the best brunch I have ever experienced. The most expensive as well, but so so delicious. Make sure you book at least a week in advance for a saturday/sunday. My sister, friend and I only had to wait 5 minutes for the restaurant to set up our table for a 12:30pm reservation. They start off by giving you a taste of the day's smoothie. It was a berry one. It was very fresh, and I couldn't taste any added sugar. yum! The three of us ordered to share: an Artichoked Benedict, a Lobster Mac 'n Cheese, and a Chocolate Waffle with peanut butter and toffee crunch. Suchhhh a good idea to share because the waffle was heavenly: light with a nice texture because of the bits of toffee crunch, but after a few bites, it was nice to have something salty-- the Artichoked Benedict uses artichoke hearts to replace the english muffin that typically lies underneath the egg, spinach replaces the usual ham, and on top of the eggs, truffle oil is sprinkled on top! Such a unique dish. Lastly, Mac 'n Cheese, always a comfort food, was baked just right. the top layer was not too thick, and throughout the dish the lobster chunks were good sizes. There were also small pieces of red onion in the mac 'n cheese, which is something I would not have thought to add to it. A nice surprise!

The website is truly mouth watering. Go here and click "Experience the Menu." There are pictures of all the dishes and you can hover over a particular item to see what it is.

Here is a bigger map.
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