Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taiwanese Breakfast at 阜杭豆漿店

A few years ago, my family discovered a very local Taiwanese breakfast place. It used to be a very old and grungy food court-style restaurant, but recently we were pleasantly surprised when we found it had completely renovated. By 7:30am on a Thursday morning, the line was already 20 people deep. Good thing we were jet lagged and managed to get there by 7:00. We usually bring 30 燒餅/biscuits back with us to HK but we this time we were already bringing back so much food from SF there was just no way... so we got 20 instead :)

The little factory:

Clean new seats and tables! And the long line.

燒餅夾蛋跟油條, Thick bread with scrambled egg and spring onions and a fried chinese donut (sorry for the awkward translation, but I really don't know how to describe this)...

Photo taken from my lovely window seat:

The 豆漿/ soy milk here is really good too. The most popular order is the 厚燒餅夾油條/ thick biscuit with the fried chinese donut (41NT). I personally like it with the scrambled egg in it too. I'm not entirely sure why the translation for 油條 is fried chinese donut, but just to clarify, this is salty, not sweet.

I've tried the 餅 that has radishes and other things inside too, but nothing else is as good as the soy milk and the biscuit I showed a picture of.

Here is an article (in Chinese) that gives a little background on the restaurant and the man who opened it.

The restaurant is on the second floor above 華山市場/ Hua Shan food market at the 善導寺/Shan Dao Temple MRT station (Exit 5).

Fu Hang Restaurant
Zhong Xiao Dong Lu, Section 1, number 108, 2/F

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