Sunday, July 25, 2010

mmm... tapas!

Along the riverfront (Sisowath Quay) in Phnom Penh, there are numerous restaurants and bars to choose from. Coming back from wandering around in the heat at the Russian Market, my family and I decided to try a restaurant on wikitravel Phnom Penh that also had air conditioning. We stopped by the Foreign Correspondents' Club first. There were only ceiling fans. We then went next door to Pop Cafe, an Italian restaurant. It was long and narrow with dim lighting. My dad then spotted Pacharan Bodega at the end of the street. Air conditioning: check; second floor seating: check; delicious looking Spanish food: check!

View from the restaurant windows.

We ordered one set lunch to share. It was US$9. It included bread, a drink (sangria/soft drink), coffee/tea, and 2 tapas. We chose the mushrooms with garlic and calamari.

Separate order of warm goat cheese over salad. The vinaigrette dressing was delightful. I couldn't get enough of the cheese, either.

The seafood paella (technically serves 2 but I believe it's more like for 3) takes half an hour to make, and we ordered it after we had finished everything else. It was a looong wait, but definitely worth it! The rice was cooked perfectly, and there was a generous amount of clams in it. US$26.

For all of the food pictured above, as well as a lime soda, Sangria, and coffee (the latter two items included in the set), the total bill for 3 of us: US$41

Address: No. 389E1, Sisowath, entrance on Street 184.

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