Thursday, August 12, 2010

Italian/French in Phnom Penh

I was just browsing through my pictures from Phnom Penh and realized I have one more restaurant I want to post about. This Italian/French restaurant was also discovered through trusty Wiki travel (Phnom Penh). The restaurant is called Comme a la Maison.

All the tables are in this open air area. The ceiling fans do make the heat slightly more tolerable. To the right of the blackboard is the doorway into the bakery. During the hour we were having dinner, I saw at least 10 individuals visit the bakery at separate times to buy pastries and french bread for takeaway.

Salad nicoise. The portions were generally quite small.

Warm goat cheese and apple salad. This was originally to be shared by my dad and I, but I ended up taking over it.

Proscuitto and olive pizza. Delicious.

Steak and fries. The steak was a little too chewy.

Comme a la Maison has a long list of ice creams to choose from. The waiter told me that the restaurant buys the homemade ice cream from another restaurant in Phnom Penh. Under the layer of fresh cream there was vanilla ice cream and meringue. Perfect way to end the meal.

Note that this restaurant does not accept credit cards. There was some confusion with this because when we asked our server at the beginning of the meal about this, he said that they do accept credit cards. At the end of the meal however, a different server came to tell us that they have never accepted credit cards and do not even own the machine for swiping cards. They kindly offered to let us return next time to pay the bill. We were leaving the next day so this was not a viable option. We ended up paying the bill in full and changing more cash at the hotel that night.

Wonderful service!
For the three of us the total bill came to US$28.

Address: No. 13 St. 57.

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