Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Food Coma Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Some things I am very thankful for this year:
-My parents supporting my move to NYC.
-Sum & Downs for being the best possible friends.
-Sisterly bonding.
-Finding a job in less than a month.
-Tasting and falling in love with so many different foods in NYC.

Now onto the Thanksgiving feast...
Living away from home for so many years, I've been lucky enough to be invited to tag along to different Thanksgiving dinners for over 8 years. It's really interesting to experience the holiday with different people and food. This Thanksgiving, my sister and I went to dinner at our family friend's sister's house in Long Island. It was so fun to meet everyone, help out in the kitchen and of course, feast!

The heritage turkey! According to Wikipedia, heritage turkeys are raised in environments similar to those of wild turkeys.

Everything under control.

The feast.

I blame this spinach & artichoke dip for not being able to eat a second helping of dinner.

Salad with fennel and grapefruits? To be honest, I didn't touch this one. I do love salads, but when it's crunch time, you've just got to prioritize.

My aunt and her sister slaved away cracking lobsters for this lobster bisque. Amazing!

Cheddar-Bacon Biscuits. This Williams Sonoma recipe.

Candied yams.

Baked scallions. I think I had 5 of these.

Mac & Cheese.

I probably only have brussel sprouts once a year.

Creamed spinach.

Stuffing! A non-traditional kind. This was more like baked mashed potatoes with mushroom, bacon and cheese. Yum.

Pork shoulder. This picture really doesn't do the dish justice. It was more delicious than it looks. The meat was SO tender and juicy. A favorite of the meal.

The Pear Pandowdy I helped with. I just checked the dictionary and "pandowdy" is a fancy name for cobbler. I'm glad I got to help with this pie, as the plan to bring the banana cream pie I prepared in the morning failed for reasons I prefer not to get into.

Freshly fried donuts. So warm, sweet and fatty! (Always a promising combination).

Levain Bakery cookies! Such a nice surprise. A fellow foodie and guest brought these cookies and I was so ecstatic because I've been planning to visit this Upper West Side bakery for over a month now, and just haven't gotten the chance. The cookies were as delicious and chewy as the 722 praises/reviews on Yelp. I brought one of the dark chocolate chip cookies home with me and put it in the toaster oven for a few minutes before eating it as a late afternoon snack yesterday, and OMG truly out of this world.


  1. It all looks SO GOOD! I'm so glad I haven't seen these picture yet so I'm really surprised!

  2. A fantastic meal! I hope the leftovers were enjoyed too ~

  3. LOL Thanks, Sumaire!
    Alz: Those were the cookies we were supposed to have together last weekend! And yes, we got to bring home lots of leftovers! :)

  4. HI Lauren
    Found your website and love it! Giving me some great ideas for places to and not to eat! I am flying into NYC from England on November 23rd for 5 nights with my partner and his duahgter to celebrate her 21st birthday. We would like to go out for a traditional evening Thanksgiving Meal. Can you suggest anywhere? We're staying in Chelsea. Many thanks Karen

  5. Hi Karen,
    I've never actually had a Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant but when it gets closer to the date, the restaurants that will be serving dinners will publish their Thanksgiving menus. I'll keep an eye out for you in November!

  6. Many thanks Lauren. We'll keep searching on the www, I'm sure we'll find some sort of food extravaganza!!



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