Thursday, November 4, 2010

Malaysian Food at Nyonya

My mom and grandma visited recently, and of course we ate lots and lots of delicious food. One of my favorites of their trip was Nyonya in Little Italy.

Thai iced tea. My mom thought this was too sweet, but I think it tastes how thai iced teas are supposed to-- very sweet and delicious!

Indian roti with egg and onion. I really liked this dish. The roti was soft and there was just enough egg and onion inside. The curry was tasty too, the two were perfect together.

Hainan Chicken Rice. The chicken was very tender.

Asam Laksa. This laksa had a really strong taste and was a bit sour. Make sure you like the taste of shrimp paste if you order this!

Nyonya is really affordable, lots of the rice and noodle entrees are under $8.

199 Grand Street, (between Mulberry St. & Mott St.)
New York, NY 10013
Phone number: (212)334-3669
*Cash only


Here is a bigger map.

Nyonya on Urbanspoon

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