Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Japanese Lunch/Afternoon Tea at Cha-An

I had a cozy lunch with one of my favorite Hong Kong friends in New York last month. She suggested meeting at Cha-An in the East Village, and when we got there at 12:30, we were the only patrons in the restaurant. The waitress was so nice and hospitable, and was extremely patient as my friend and I debated whether to get two entrees and dessert or one entree and a dessert set. This restaurant is known for their desserts, and we finally decided to share an entree and dessert set. Great decision, as I left the restaurant satisfied but not overly stuffed like I usually wind up.

The "don" set of the day-- eel rice set for $10. The eel was tasty, and served with 15 grain rice. I felt so healthy eating this, although It would've been great if there had been a few more pieces of eel!

The dessert page of the menu that we stared at for a while. We chose the three course set with tea. This set changes often. I definitely want to visit again and try the black sesame creme brulee that my friend raved about but unfortunately was not included in the set that day.

I don't remember exactly what kind of ice cream this was, but my friend remembers it tasting like some sort of flower... rose, perhaps? There were 2 blackberries in it and a sweet black sesame biscuit.

Macaron and brownie. I passed on my half of this bite-sized brownie because I was getting really full at this point. The macaron had different flavors inside but to be honest, I can't quite remember what...

Earl grey pudding. Amaaaaazing. The flavor was nice and strong, and great when combined with the pudding texture. This was my favorite of the meal. To the right is a flaky pastry sandwiching honey ice cream.

My friend's a tea lover so I let her choose the teas. Each set came with one pot. This one was the young green tea leaves.

My friend and I have been chatting online the whole time I've been writing this entry because I've been having trouble remembering parts of the meal, what was what, and the prices. We ate this food only a month ago! Lesson learned, keep up with my blogging. Or I can just start using this handy little notebook the roomies got me for part of my Christmas present! :)

All in all, a great experience here. Such a nice place to stop by for tea. The bathroom was really cool, too! They have a Japanese toilet with more buttons and things than you know what to do with. There was a motion sensor for the seat to come down, too!
Okay, enough about the bathroom...

230 East 9th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10079
Phone number: (212)228-8030


Here is a bigger map.

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