Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Soho Christmas Brunch at Public

I had the loveliest post-Christmas brunch with the nicest family friends. My aunt is also a food lover, and we got so excited talking about restaurants, what to order, and just food in general! My aunt suggested eating at Public in Soho so I could have something new to blog about. So thoughtful!

The restaurant is so pretty inside! Exposed brick walls, really high ceilings, and skylights!

The bar area.

Garage door. Love these. Quite a few restaurants have them and it lets in so much sunlight.

Found this room at the back of the restaurant next to the bathrooms. So cozy.

The baked goods table! We tried the chocolate lamington. It had a layer of strawberry jam in the middle. Delicious! I used to really love the Hong Kong Starbucks' lamington before it turned extra large and went from HK$3 to 8.

The menu is attached to a clipboard. Not a lot of choices on the brunch menu, but the essentials are there and each dish has a cool twist to it.

Homemade apricot scones! These were given to us as soon as we sat down. So fresh. There were pretty large chunks of apricot inside.

My aunt's bourbon, rooibos & apricot iced tea. You could order a set price brunch-- any brunch entree with a cocktail and coffee/tea for $22.

My sister's fig & vanilla bellini. I couldn't really taste the vanilla, but the fig flavor was nice and strong.

Tea-smoked salmon, spinach and poached eggs on toasted sourdough with yuzu hollandaise. SO wonderful. I liked that it was on sourdough and that the salmon was smoked.

Fry-up-- two eggs on sourdough toast with slow roast tomatoes and buttered mushrooms and bacon.

Ginger spiced lychee French toast with lemongrass dark palm caramel and pomegranate mascarpone. Best French toast I've ever had-- full of flavor in every bite, and yet it didn't feel too heavy at all. This French toast is now on my list of favorite brunch dishes, right up there with the waffles at Balthazar.

Coconut pancakes with fresh ricotta, mango salad and ginger-lime syrup. This was the "dessert" we ordered to share. The pancakes were nice and fluffy, and the coconut was a nice touch, but I wasn't crazy about the ginger & lime flavors.

Most of the brunch items range from $8.50 to $14, so the fixed price brunch for $22 is quite a good deal if you want a cocktail and coffee/tea as well.
Side note: the bathroom was really pretty and there were rows of nice smelling soap bars for your taking! I took two.

210 Elizabeth Street (between Spring St & Prince St)
New York, NY 10012
Phone number: (212)343-7011


Here is a bigger map.

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  1. The food looks great at Public in Soho, thanks for the pictures, it looks fantastic.


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