Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beef Noodle Soup, 牛爸爸牛肉麵店

This is what I'm craving right now:

Taiwanese beef noodle soup, 牛肉麵!
There's nothing more comforting that a bowl of soup noodles. My sister and I used to always have different kinds of soup noodles for an after school snack when we still lived at home. Reading our Sweet Valleys and Baby Sitters Club books and eating simultaneously. Life was good!

This bowl is from one of my favorite places in Taiwan. Contrary to what some people think, it's actually pretty hard to find Really Good beef noodle soup in Taipei! At a lot of restaurants, the beef just isn't tender enough and the soup is sometimes too salty. This restaurant doesn't use any MSG and the beef is so juicy and tender! If I remember correctly, it was 300NT (approx. US$10).


688 Beef Bowl
Number 16, Alley 27, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhong Xiao East Rd

website: www.688beefbowl.com

Here is a bigger map.

Oh Taiwan, I miss your food...


  1. i need to go check this place out.
    and so funny you miss the food here, when i miss the food THERE. we always want what we can't have :) ps. today i was looking at pics from HK and remembering how much fun that was! miss you!

  2. Yes, go and have a bowl for me please! :)


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