Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dinner Party

My friend recently hosted a small dinner party at her apartment and it was so much fun! We started off with watching The Good Guy in the apartment building's screening room. Awful, awful movie. The good news is the dinner party was very fun. I contributed by fanning the smoke alarm that periodically went off during the cooking.

Brussel sprouts with olive oil and feta cheese. My friend baked this in the oven and it was so simple but tasty. The feta cheese was a great topping.

Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. So filling, I could only eat two. The bacon wasn't too salty, and the sweetness from the fig complimented the sausage nicely.

Potatoes with vegetables.

A really lovely night, it's so nice to stay in sometimes and just gossip and eat for hours. My friend also bought the best brownies from Zabar's that were really fudge-like. Mmm...

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