Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Hour & a Half at Mermaid Inn

Last week was very exciting, 3 of my favorite college friends came to visit. That meant lots of eating with some sight-seeing thrown in here and there. I had been wanting to check out the happy hour at Mermaid Inn for a while, so on Thursday night we met up at Mermaid Inn's east village location for some cocktails... then some appetizers, then dinner.

East Coast Oysters $1 each during happy hour. Fat & juicy... mmm...

Lobster & Truffle Mac & Cheese $9. Very creamy which I like, but not enough truffle oil. When I had this dish at the Greenwich Village location it was stronger.

Fried Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Marcona Almonds $7. This was free because if you check-in on Foursquare, you earn a free side dish!

My half of the lobster roll $26. Love when restaurants split a shared dish without you having to make a request. The fries are truly addictive.

Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese on sourdough with muenster cheese, vidalia onions, and coleslaw on the side $17. Took one bite and definitely fell in love with another dish at Mermaid Inn. Not quite sure how I ever noticed this on their menu, but it could be because I tend to zone in on certain words like "lobster" and "truffle".

Grilled Alaskan King Salmon with green lentils, red pepper, and chili flakes $21. My friend only orders salmon when we go to seafood restaurants, so she was really disappointed last time when we were at Mermaid Inn in Greenwich Village and the server told us there was no salmon. I guess it's only served in the East Village location? Either way, looked delicious.

This happy hour, or "happy hour & a half" as the restaurant calls it, is definitely a treat. It is daily from 5:30pm to 7:00pm (including weekends) and includes $7 cocktails, $6 glasses of wine, $5 beers, a snack menu with items from $3 to $7, and best of all, an oyster deal of $1 east coast oysters, $1.75 west coast oysters.

There's a lovely courtyard seating in the back of the restaurant with 6 or 7 tables. You're only an arms-length away from the table over, but it's still a nice setting.

96 2nd Ave (between 5th Street & 6th Street)
New York, NY 10003
Phone number: (212)674-5870


Other locations:
Upper West Side
568 Amsterdam Avenue (between 87th Street & 88th Street)
New York, NY 10024

Greenwich Village
79 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012

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