Friday, May 13, 2011

A Surprisingly Superb Dinner at Nuela

*Update: Closed as of June 2012.

To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for Nuela. I first noticed the restaurant back in January because it was on the list of participants for Restaurant Week. Since then, it's been in the back of my mind for restaurants I'd someday like to try but not necessarily one that I must put on the top of my google doc right away.
Last week I finally got around to trying it, and was so impressed, I'd definitely like to visit again in the near future!

Please excuse the blurriness of this picture.

Grilled corn with onions.

Charred Octopus Causa $14. Grilled octopus with onions and avocado on top of potato puree. The potatoes were quite bland because there was no butter added, but the octopus had a hint of spiciness, and together with the salty black olives, the combination worked well.

Arroz Con Pato $32. Roasted duck breast, confit thighs & gizzards seared foie gras, verde rice, soft duck egg. (This dish is meant for two people). First thoughts were: sounds like a strange combination, but my first bite? OMG, magnificent. Every piece in this dish was so well done that I could have closed my eyes and blindly poked my fork into the pan and been happy with whatever got picked up. The duck was slightly sweet and so tender, the chicken meat literally fell off the bone, and the foie gras was seared perfectly, with a touch of pink on the inside. I felt that the rice nicely tied everything together.

The only complaint:
The service was confusing at times. A male server took our orders, a lady then served us our food, the manager then came over when we were given the Arroz Con Pato, and he was kind enough to split it for us. Later, the bill was brought to us by someone we'd never seen. It was kind of frustrating because we never knew who to ask for help.

43 West 24th Street (between Broadway & Madison Avenue)
New York, NY 10010
Phone number: (212)929-1200


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