Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brunch at Cafeteria (again and again)

Cafeteria has become a go-to brunch spot for me mainly because the food is consistent, there is a nice variety, the prices are reasonable, it's in a convenient location and the host once referred to my roomie as "the cute halfsie". I've written about the lovely waffle I had there before, and since then I've also tried the eggs benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes, and most recently the monterey eggs. Totally worth writing home about.

Monterey Eggs: warm cheese tortilla, black eye peas, avocado, jack cheese, cherry tomato salsa, $10. Quite a comforting and hearty dish with rich flavors and many different textures.

Fried Chicken N Waffles: buttermilk chicken, roasted garlic herb wood herbs, homestyle gravy, $16. Chicken and waffle dishes seem really strange but I found this surprisingly delightful. The fried chicken was crispy and the the waffle was as good as the last time.

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich: soft scrambled eggs, ham, white cheddar, plum tomato, avocado, $12. Another great comfort dish. I had a bite of this and the croissant was so buttery, it was absolutely perfect (along with everything else in it).

Outdoor seating available! Should definitely take advantage of that although for some reason we always seem to visit Cafeteria on rainy days.

119 7th Ave,
New York, NY 10021
Phone number: (212)414-1717
(Open 24 hours)


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  1. I fell in love with the Monterey Eggs dish when I enjoyed brunch at Cafeteria a couple weeks ago. Though, my tortilla was crunchy. I wonder when they switched from flour to corn? Of course now I'm partial to the corn so I hope they don't change it again!

  2. I definitely prefer corn tortillas too! Yum.


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