Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preview of Milk Street Cafe!

*Update: Closed as of December 2011.

I am definitely a fan of the new food halls that are popping up around the city. Eataly, the Plaza Hotel food hall, and now Milk Street Cafe all introduce gourmet, classy, and healthier fast food options.
I had so much fun attending the Milk Street Cafe food hall press preview event this past Monday. There was a great variety of foods offered (all based off the menu)-- sushi, bruschetta, risotto, and Chinese noodles, and if the preview is any indication, the food hall should be quite a hit!

Milk Street Cafe is located in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street.

Salmon & California Rolls. The california rolls were superb, with generous chunks of avocado in each piece.

More sushi.

From left to right: chocolate chip mocha frappe, strawberry-banana smoothie, vanilla bean creme. I tried the strawberry-banana smoothie and it was delicious.

Entering the main food hall area, one is first greeted with the sushi station.

We got to take a tour of the kitchen...

where we bumped into the executive chef, Steven Mettle.

Comfortable booth seating.

Apparently there's some bungee spring in the tables that prevent the table from tipping over. I was going to test this out by putting a lot of weight on a corner of my table, but forgot. Next time!

Milk Street Cafe officially opens on Thursday, June 23rd. There will be free cookies and coffee from 10 to 11am. Be sure to check it out!

40 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005


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  1. LOL! Wish you HAD tested the tables! You're so funny.


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