Monday, June 13, 2011

San Francisco: Oyster Heaven at Hog Island Oyster Co.

Where to even begin... Hog Island Oyster Co. was one of the best best meals we had during our San Fran trip. The restaurant is located inside the Ferry Building, and while walking through to look for the restaurant, I couldn't help but get distracted by the numerous stores selling pastries, chocolates, breads, cheeses, and much more. I could probably spend two full days here exploring and tasting things.

There are many stands in front of the Ferry Building selling jewelry, handmade goods, and fruits.

I definitely did not spend enough time inside.

We waited in line for 45 minutes on a Saturday at 12:30pm. By the time we sat down, the line had doubled.

Bar seating. You could watch the chefs schucking oysters behind the bar.

Outdoor tables where we sat.

12 Hog Island Sweetwater (pacific) oysters $27. Half crab $12. The oysters were sweet, briny, and truly incredible. We ordered another 12 after we polished these off.

Steamers $14. Manila clams, beans, and chorizo cooked with garlic and a white wine broth. This dish had a light broth with a simple but great combination of flavors.

Oyster Stew $12. Oysters, butter and cream. There were lots of oysters in the stew, but the broth was too rich for my liking.

Clam Chowder $14. Not your typical creamy clam chowder, but just as good and probably slightly healthier. Manila clams with vegetables, bacon, potatoes and cream. All clam chowders should have this many clams swimming in them!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with gruyere and fromage blanc $12. Definitely the most memorable grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had. The bread was so fresh and the cheese was strong.

Beautiful view of the bay bridge from where we sat.

Hog Island Oyster Co. has 4 locations, all listed on their website.

1 Ferry Building #11A
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone number: (415)391-7117

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  1. Hey Lauren, great blog! Hog Island is the best but not the cheapest either. Next time youre in town we'll take you to Hog Island to shuck oysters ourselves...

  2. Thanks, Frank! And going to Hog Island and shucking oysters sounds amazing!!!


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