Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All-American Weekend in Phoenicia, NY

I finally got the all-American barbeque I'd been wanting since before July 4th, and it was truly wonderful. My boss and his wife kindly invited us to their weekend house upstate, and we had a great time cooling off in the creek, eating hamburgers and many other things, as well as taking turns on the zip line (where I got stuck twice).

The food was amazing.

Chicken skewers.

Mango salsa with avocado chunks.

Crudites with hummus.

I really wouldn't mind having a backyard like this...

Or a beautiful den like this one...

Here's Jibby, who ran into the creek and started swimming

and reminds me very much of my not-so-little puppy at home:

On another note, is the last week of July really here already?!


  1. Omg, molly's tail!!! LOL That is hilarious. Miss her so much.

  2. All sounds so good, too bad it's starting to get very chilly...no time for bbqs and sunning.

  3. I love the family feeling to these pictures.


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