Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DC: Afternoon Tea at Leopold's Kafe

I had the best lemon pancakes of my life when I dined at Leopold's Kafe before, so I figured it warranted another visit during my July 4th trip to DC. After a wonderful afternoon of shopping in Georgetown, we stopped in Leopold's Kafe for afternoon tea.

The cakes are a tad expensive, but each one we ordered was quite unique and beautifully made.

Outdoor seating

Beautiful cakes-- made it very hard to choose.

Zitrusfrucht Dobosh: almond cake with orange infused chocolate butter cream topped with almond brittle, $7. Didn't even try to pronounce these German names. I loved the crunch of the almond brittle combined with the spongey layers in the cake.

Fraisier: almond cake layered with pistachio mousse & fresh strawberries, $7.50.

Karamell-Grey: Belgian dark chocolate cake layered with earl grey tea, caramel chocolate ganache, $7.25.

Papillotte: Praline meringue & creamy almond hazelnut mousse in a milk chocolate shell, $6.50.

Sorbet of the day: Lychee-Rose Sorbet, $6.50. I love all lychee-related foods, and this was refreshing and not too sweet... perfect for a very hot afternoon.

Trio of Sandwiches $13.

3318 M Street NW (between N 33rd & N Bank street)
Washington, DC 20007
Phone number: (202)965-6005


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