Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special day! It's my dearest big sister's birthday, as well as my best friend Summer's birthday.

My sister was able to understand and relay my babbling to our parents from the day I started talking. Jahsca is my confidante and lovely roommate who puts up with my non-stop chattering (although with much eye rolling), makes me laugh until I cry, and will taste whatever I make, even if it ends up a total disaster (chocolate souffle circa 2008). Oh, and she helped me start this blog two years ago! (She just interrupted me while writing this and demanded that I make her a grilled cheese sandwich. So actually she's the one who's very lucky to have me as a sister.)

Summer is my best friend from college, placed in the room next door to mine freshman year. After I got over thinking she was a snob for the first 4 months I knew her, I fell in love with her (as a friend!). She is so extremely kind, down-to-earth, and understanding. Sumaire is just such a good person. Oh, and she is always up for trips I plan or restaurants I want to try. She's the best.

(Top image via Call me Cupcake)


  1. Omg those chocolate souffles were "day-gu-tang" lol And I only ASKED you to make me a grilled cheese...and only bc my nails were still drying! haha Love you lil sis!! xoxo


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