Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

The best thing about being home last month was enjoying home-cooked meals! Every morning I started the day with vegetable congee for breakfast.

Congee toppings including tofu & egg, 油條 (fried chinese donut),鹹蛋 (salty egg),紫菜花生 (seaweed with peanuts), 豆腐乳 (spicy beancurd)

Tofu mixed with 皮蛋 (thousand year old egg and soy sauce)

My grandma wraps these pot stickers! Love the crunchy bottoms.

粉蒸排骨. The most tender steamed pork ribs with yam underneath.

大閘蟹 Hairy crab! The most delicious, flavorful crab. It's only in season in the winter months.

Delicious... :)

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