Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hong Kong: Dinner at Crystal Jade, 翡翠

翡翠 is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants to sit down for a quick meal in Hong Kong. The restaurant chain is mainly known for its dumplings and hand-pulled noodles. My grandma treated my sister and me to this lovely meal, and we went to the World Trade Centre branch because this one has the best view!

Harbour and freeway view from the restaurant. We were lucky to get the last available booth by the window.

雞絲粉皮, HK$45 (USD 5.80): Noodles with shredded chicken, sliced cucumbers, and peanut sauce. Love the chewy texture of these bean-made noodles. Also, peanut sauce makes anything taste even better!

乾扁四季豆, HK$56 (USD 7.21): Green beans with preserved vegetables and green onions. So flavorful! Chinese vegetables are so addictive.

蟹粉小籠包, HK$78 (USD 10): Crab meat & pork dumplings. Really juicy, and this restaurant gets the thickness of the dumpling skin just right!

紅油抄手, HK$36 (USD 4.64): Shrimp & pork dumplings in chili oil. The sauce is so spicy I only dab a bit on each dumpling. My grandma like to roll the dumpling all around first (she's hardcore like that).

菜包, HK$23 (USD 2.96): Vegetable buns. These are my favorite vegetable buns in Hong Kong. The bun is so soft and fresh, and the vegetables inside are steaming and flavorful.

Shop P209B, 2nd Floor, World Trade Centre
280 Gloucester Street, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Phone number: 2915-6988

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