Monday, February 13, 2012

Keste Pizza & Vino

Another terrific pizza place in NYC... The pizza at Keste is a Neapolitan style, with the crust very puffy and chewy. Unfortunately our experience did not start off on the best note, as the third person in our party was late, and the server was very adamant about the fact that we would have to return the table to the restaurant by 8pm. My sister and I were certain that that wouldn't be a problem, as it was only 6:15 at the time, and our friend arrived at 6:30pm. The restaurant still had empty tables, so it was quite strange. Throughout the meal, the server kept coming over to check if we were done with our pizza yet. We definitely didn't feel like he was doing so to take care of us, but rather to make sure we knew he was keeping an eye on the time. We ended up giving back the table at 7:30. (Who needs more than an hour to eat pizza anyway?)

Now for the food...

Rustica Salad, $10: spring mix, prosciutto di parma, artichoke, olives, with olive oil. A simple fresh salad with a great mix of toppings.

Prosciutto di Parma pizza, $16. I love prosciutto, so I was easily pleased with this pizza. As I've mentioned before, I am pretty obsessed with Bleecker Street Pizza's crispy pizza, but I actually really enjoyed the soft crust at Keste.

Pizza del re, $19: mozzarella, mushroom, prosciutto di parma, truffle spread. The truffle taste was very noticeable with every bite (yum!). This is definitely a rich pizza, which I enjoyed. Because of the softness of the crust, the pizza here is quite difficult to eat without a fork and knife.

271 Bleecker Street (between Morton St & Jones St)
New York, NY 10014
Phone number: (212)243-1500

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