Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upper West Side Brunch Potluck

My friend Ali just moved into a beautiful apartment in the Upper West Side, and hosted a lovely brunch potluck for a few of us. This was probably the fanciest at home brunch I've ever experienced. There were no pancakes or pastries, but rather a superb combination of delicious dishes.

Linda placing bits of basil leaves on her salmon fritatta. She used this recipe.

Arugula with truffle cheese, spicy chicken sausage, and pears with Levain Bakery's whole grain bread; baked yam with marshmallow (and here I thought I'd have to wait for Thanksgiving to eat candied yams again); chips and salsa; salmon frittata; Sang's signature brussel sprouts with feta cheese; fruit salad.

I'm quite embarrassed about my non-creative, non-homemade contribution of truffle cheese and arugula, but I plan to step it up next time and make something equivalent to salmon eggs benedict or something.

1 comment:

  1. best brunch potluck ever :) stuffed just thinking about it


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