Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Great GoogaMooga in Brooklyn

GoogaMooga! This was such a fun food & drink festival at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. After being given wrong directions by 4 different GoogaMooga employees (2 of who were carrying big "Ask Me" signs), we ended up taking a long unnecessary detour to get to the entrance of the festival. The upside is that we got quite a workout and enjoyed a beautiful view of this lake:

We were so hot from our walk hike that we started off with dessert from Wooly's Ice:
Mango Tango: original ice with mangos, strawberries, strawberry syrup, wooly (small) size, $5. So refreshing! Shaved ice is such a popular dessert in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I really haven't seen this around NYC, so it was pretty exciting. 

Next stop was Colicchio & Sons

1 Pork Belly for $4 or 2 for $7. Not amazing, but pretty good. I think I still prefer pork buns. Specifically the ones from Ippudo

On to Arancini Bros for Sicilian rice balls. 

2 for $7. On left: Ragu: traditional meat sauce with tomato, peas, mozzarella, saffron. On right: Bianco Rossa Verde: basil pesto, mozzarella, cherry tomato. The skin was crispy, and the rice was al dente. I thought the pesto one was more flavorful, but the ragu was quite decent too.  

Now for the FAVORITE of the day: 

Fried Chicken Wings: $10 for 6 chicken wings & cucumber salad. OMG there is a reason Blue Ribbon's fried chicken has made it on to so many "Best Fried Chicken" lists including NYMag, Food and Wine, Metromix, and more. This is life-changing fried chicken-- crispy with the most amazing seasoning, and very moist inside.  

When I went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que last year, I loved the chicken wings and ribs, so when I saw that the restaurant had a booth at GoogaMooga, I made sure to check out whatever they were offering. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich, $7. The meat was incredibly tender, but wasn't that flavorful on its own. The sauce definitely helped though. The bun was your average hamburger bun, nothing to write home about. 

Looking back on all these photos, I can't believe how much we ate. 

Finally though, dessert! I had my eye on these ice cream sandwiches when we first arrived at the festival (it was a few steps away from Wooly's Ice stand). 

Classic ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip walnut cookies and vanilla ice cream, $4. Great ratio of cookie to ice cream. I liked that the cookies weren't too thick (better for enjoying the ice cream!) The cookies were chewy and had just enough chocolate chips. 

We stayed for around 3 hours and definitely had a great time. I'm already planning my trips to Melt Bakery (now open in the LES) for the red velvet ice cream sandwich, and Blue Ribbon for more fried chicken! 

Also, we were lucky to avoid a lot of the problems that people complained about at GoogaMooga, mainly the extremely long lines for getting wristbands, the longer lines for getting alcohol, and the fact that booths started running out of food in the late afternoon, but understandably a lot of people were upset by the way these things were handled. Check out Eater's 25 best tweets of GoogaMooga, it's pretty hilarious.

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