Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guest Post: Restaurant Week Lunch at Smith & Wollensky

My sister is lucky enough to work right near Smith & Wollensky, so when she went there for lunch during Restaurant Week, I asked her to guest post! Here's what she has to say...

Diet Coke is obviously not a part of Restaurant Week, but I love the classic bottle!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the restaurant itself, but it's a very classic, bustling New York restaurant - white walls, some nostalgic decor, and old male waiters.  

I chose the Caesar Salad for an appetizer - the croutons were super crunchy, the lettuce was fresh and the dressing was good. (I had a really BAD caesar salad the week before, so this was amazing in comparison!)

10oz filet mignon - SO tender, it was ridiculous. Super tasty and just delicious. 

Unfortunately, my co-workers and I ran out of time to have dessert, so we had to get it to go. It didn't look too great so I didn't take a picture, until this happened:

See how half the cake is gone? I only had 1 bite. Just one. I looked away for 2 minutes and it looked like this. This is what happens when you live with a chocolate monster! (I'm talking about Lauren, in case anyone is wondering.)

Anyway, it was the Chocolate Mousse Cake and the one bite I did have was delicious!

Restaurant week price: $24.07

Would I go back for full price? No. 
Is this the best steak in New York? No. I would go to L'Entrecote or Club A over this place! 
Plus, the service was ridiculous. I think they were trying to keep it authentic New York, but still. The guy was dropping pens, taking drink orders and then forgetting about them, and was never near enough to be waved down. 

I think it's worth checking out once during restaurant week, but otherwise I probably wouldn't recommend it.

797 Third Avenue (at 49th Street)
New York, NY 10022
Phone number: (212)753-1530


Smith & Wollensky's Restaurant Week menu

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