Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brunch at Artisanal Bistro

I've mentioned my lovely aunt and uncle before, but I must say again how much I enjoy spending time with them. They're the kindest people ever, and my sister and I are so lucky to have spent the past two Thanksgivings with them. It's really something to look forward to year-round.

Last weekend the four of us went to Artisinal for a late Sunday brunch, and left quite happy.

Freshly made-to-order beignets, $10.50: Unfortunately these did not taste freshly made. They were room temperature and slightly too chewy.

Gougeres, $9.50: This French cheese puff was superb! It came out warm, light and fluffy, with a great cheese flavor. 

Pork Belly Hash, $18.50: poached eggs, sweet potato, Chipotle hollandaise. The pork belly was so tender and the hollandaise so generously drenched over the dish, I almost asked my Uncle to trade entrees with me. (I ordered the eggs benedict). 

The Frenchie Sandwich, Half Pumpkin Soup (Soup of the day), Salad, $22: The Frenchie is composed of brie, mushrooms, and black truffles, and makes for one of the most outstanding sandwiches I've ever had. Soft, melting brie and a lot of mushrooms. If there had been a little stronger truffle taste, it would definitely put this in my list of top 5 sandwiches ever. The pumpkin soup was rich and creamy, very satisfying. The only disappointment here would be the salad. It almost had no dressing at all. Good thing the pumpkin soup and sandwich could compensate for this.

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon & Caviar, $23.50: There was a generous portion of smoked salmon, and the poached eggs were perfect, but I think next time I'll be getting the pork belly hash or one of the cheese sandwiches instead. (Balthazar still wins for best salmon eggs benedict). 

There's also a cheese room! A table for four in a cheese cave surrounded by huge blocks of cheese. A dream come true! 

Endless options of cheese...

  • Our server was friendly and very attentive. 
  • The dining room is large and it's a good option for big groups. 
  • The fact that there is a cheese cave is a huge pro.
  • Reservations accepted even for brunch.

  • A little inconsistent. Some dishes were very pleasing (I would eat the gougeres on a daily basis if I could), while others were just okay (beignets, salad). 

2 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone number: (212)725-8585 

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