Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Hong Kong!

I'm finally getting over jet lag after being back in the US for 4 days. My sister and I went back home to Hong Kong to spend a week and a half with our family for Thanksgiving. It went by way too quickly, but I'm glad we were able to fill our days with food comas and quality time with our family and friends.

Here's a quick recap of (mainly all the yummy food we consumed) the 10 day trip...

Shopping at the wet market.

The freshest fish!

Home cooked steamed fish.

Homemade lemon pound cake. 

Shanghainese hairy crab/大閘蟹 Mm... 

Lunch at Discovery Bay.

Molly came with us!

Dim Sum.

Sushi at Cafe Too, Shangrila.

Thanksgiving dinner at home.

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