Monday, December 31, 2012

Greek Dinner at Thalassa

I had the pleasure of attending a press dinner at Thalassa in Tribeca a few weeks ago, and was quite impressed with the restaurant. The dining room is very spacious and composed of three floors. Throughout the meal the servers were very attentive and helpful with wine pairing and cocktail suggestions. On the way out the door, along with the standard matchbook souvenir, Thalassa even gives each person a full size bottle of Greek sea salt!

The back room where we were seated felt very much like the dining room of a cruise.

There is a nice seafood display at the end of the bar with shrimps, lobsters, and branzino.

Pear Martini: Definitely on the sweeter side, as there was a ton of pear puree, but it was still quite strong.

The spread of our appetizers.

Zucchini and Eggplant Chips: Crispy and nicely fried, this was presented with tzaziki sauce spread between every few layers of chips. 

Mediterranean Dips:

Grilled Octapodi from Portugal: This octopus was flavorful but definitely on the chewy side. 

Maine diver sea scallops wrapped in Kataifi filo, sheep's milk butter with balsamic reduction: A very unique and marvelous dish, the fatty and sweet scallops were delicious and found on the inside of a flaky filo pastry with salty and tangy flavored sauces.

Mediterranean lavraki (branzino): Imported from Greece, this fish was lean and moist, prepared in simple lemon-spiked olive oil. I enjoyed the firmness of the branzino, but did feel that it lacked a bit in flavor. 

We ended the meal with an assortment of desserts--

Greek yoghurt: The yoghurt itself is plain, and drizzled with some honey.

Panna cotta: Incredible. This was topped with caramelized pear and warm berries.

Baklava: Served warm and perfectly done, with the pastry crumbling all over the plate. Definitely order this and the panna cotta.

Gelato in mini waffle cones.

179 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-7661

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*This meal was complimentary, hosted by the restaurant as part of a press dinner.

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