Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hong Kong: Homecooking

Because we only had a total of 2 or 3 meals at home during the week and a half trip, we had to plan carefully and make the most of each.

As soon as we landed, I asked if we could stop and buy some of my favorite Chinese breakfast foods.

The zha liang/ 炸涼 (Chinese donut wrapped in flour) and congee/ 粥 are from 忠記粥品 

The ci fan/ 飯糰 (sticky rice with fried Chinese donut, pork floss and pickled vegetables) was from 上海香港麵店 in Causeway Bay.

Homemade vegetable congee and soy milk. There's nothing like homemade soy milk!

Chinese vegetables are the best. Bak choi/ 白菜

Tong choi/ 通菜 So leafy and delicious.

Crab with sticky rice. 

Steamed fish.

Shanghainese hairy crab/ 大閘蟹. The best thing about going back to Hong Kong during fall or winter is that it's hairy crab season! These crabs are smaller than crabs found in the U.S., but they are so extremely flavorful, and are paired with chopped ginger and vinegar.

Shanghainese vegetable rice. I'm so happy my grandma lives with my parents now. It means Shanghainese cooking all the time!

Again, courtesy of my grandma: tea eggs/ 茶葉蛋. This sounds strange, but it's so amazing. The eggs are first hard boiled, and then gently cracked. Still with the shell around the egg, it's placed in a slow cooker filled with water, lipton tea bags, and soy sauce. It's tastiest when the egg's been in the pot overnight.

Hong Kong, I miss you already. 

Blurry shot taken while driving.

Sleepy Molly.

 Can't wait to go home again! 11 months and counting...

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  1. YUMMMM crab sticky rice, crab, tea eggs, ci fan, and veggie rice. And Miss Molly! awwww. Can't wait to go home in 9 months! ;) heehee! (Surprised I only gained 2lbs that trip. haha)


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