Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hong Kong: Peruvian Dinner at Chicha

During our trip back to Hong Kong, my sister and I got to catch up with our cousin over a delicious meal at Chicha, a restaurant that serves upscale Peruvian classics. There were so many choices on the menu, we asked the manager to just serve us whichever dishes he recommended, and towards the end of the meal he checked if we were full or wanted to keep going. The food was fantastic, with lots of fresh seafood and zesty flavors. We ended the meal feeling perfectly satiated (probably due to the lack of carbs). Although definitely on the pricey side, I highly recommend checking this restaurant out for a date night or girls dinner.

Chicha has a great selection of strong cocktails. My sister's eggnog drink on the right was very interesting and good.

Tradito: Scallops with choclo, aji rocoto, cilantro, and classic leche de tigre, HK$148 (US$19): Extremely tender scallops in a light and creamy sauce.

Ceviche: Corvina seabass, choclo, camote, red onion and classic leche de tigre, HK$148 (US$19): Amazing seabass marinated in lime juice and lots of red onion with small pieces of sweet potato and sweet corn.

Hot Ceviche: Scallops with aji amarillo, butter, soy, honey lime and spring onions, HK$250 (US$32): Definitely one of the highlights of the meal, the scallops set over a lime and soy marinade were excellent. 

Hot Ceviche: Portobello mushrooms with aji panca butter, yellow peppers, choclo, cilantro and lime, HK$135 (US$17): There is so much broth in this that the natural mushroom taste was almost masked,  but it was still a decent dish. 

Choritos: Steamed Boston bay mussels with chorizo, aji amarillo and soy butter, HK$185 (US$24): A portion of mussels more on the small side. We were happy to discover many chunks of chorizo in the pot. 

Small scoops of ice cream (not on the menu): Rich and creamy! My favorite was the dulche de leche.

26 Peel Street
Hong Kong 


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