Friday, December 21, 2012

Hong Kong: Thanksgiving at Home

This Thanksgiving post is late, but at least not by more than a month! My sister and I were so happy to get to spend Thanksgiving at home this year with the family. We ordered an 11 pound turkey from City' Super, and although it wasn't pretty (no brown, crisp skin), it was delicious nonetheless. Here are pictures from all the food we had that night.
The most simple yet fantastic cranberry sauce. I used this Rachael Ray recipe.

The candied yams before going into the oven.

The best stuffing ever-- Sticky rice with mushrooms and Chinese sausage/臘腸糯米飯.

The Thanksgiving spread.

Molly was really busy...

Sniffing and sniffing.

A homemade orange pound cake that Jessica's friend brought.

Sift Cupcakes from Mei Mei. The green tea and hazelnut chocolate crunch cupcakes were amazing. 

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