Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Contemporary French Food at Jeanne and Gaston

Although the decor is simple at Jeanne and Gaston, the contemporary French food is superb. On Thursday nights the restaurant features a live band, which made for great entertainment during our dinner.
Jeanne and Gaston served our group a 5 course tasting menu as part of a press dinner, and each course was paced with very good timing-- not too quick or slow. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and getting to know other bloggers including Nisha of Honey What's Cooking.

Lovely dense French bread rolls.

Tuna Tartar with cucumber cream. A fresh and light dish, I really enjoyed the flavors of the cucumber cream sauce. Many restaurants often serve tuna tartar with soy sauce, and it usually ends up tasting too salty.

Foie Gras with saffron apple compote. A simple but truly delightful foie gras. It was perfect with the crispy piece of bread, and had a great side of saffron apple compote that tasted like an upscale version of apple sauce.

Lobster Chartreuse with fish velouté. The meaty lobster plated in a rich and creamy sauce was simply outstanding. 

Roasted Duck Filet with red cabbage and grapes reduction. I couldn't decide between requesting that the duck be cooked medium rare (as the server recommended) or medium (what my gut was telling me). Our very accommodating server then offered to have it prepared somewhere in between the two. The duck was accompanied by a sweet and savory sauce. 

Grand Marnier Souffle and Brioche Pudding Diplomat with Valhrona Chocolate Ice Cream. Both desserts were incredible, and I devoured them quickly. The souffle was light and airy, and the brioche pudding had an amazing soft cake-like texture. These desserts alone are without a doubt worth visiting Jeanne and Gaston for.

212 West 14th Street
New York, NY
Phone number: (212)675-3773

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*This meal was complimentary, hosted by the restaurant as part of a press dinner.

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  1. No, you take really awesome pictures. We barely even had any lighting. Great photos.. my favorite was the Brioche Pudding. Haha.. :-)
    It was great meeting you too. Thank you!!!


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