Sunday, January 20, 2013

Woodstock: Brunch at Oriole9

My boss and his wife own a house in the Catskills, and are very familiar with the area. When I asked for food recommendations, my boss's wife said we absolutely must visit Oriole9, an American brunch spot located in the charming town of Woodstock. Many of the ingredients are sourced locally, and the restaurant has been certified as an environmentally responsible restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association.
With the mindset of New Yorkers, our group of 9 arrived at 12pm on Saturday morning, expecting a long wait to be seated. Surprisingly enough, there were quite a few tables open.
The restaurant was cozy and inviting. Our table was directly below a skylight, which made for great photography lighting.

The specials are listed on a chalkboard.

House Made Corned Beef, $12.5: with 2 eggs and garlic toast. 

Grilled Moroccan Lamb Wrap, $11.5: with roasted tomato, shredded red onion and basil cream.

(Special) Manchego and Chorizo Omelet, $12.5.

Tofu Hash, $10: Tofu, roasted peppers, mushrooms, spinach, potato and tomato, salad, toast: I was so happy with my order. I wanted something healthy but warm (no salad or oatmeal!). This definitely hit the spot. Everything was fresh and strangely enough it tasted kind of like a Chinese stir-fry. Mmm...

Bread and Butter Pudding, $8: Toasted with crispy bacon and maple syrup: Amazing with great complements in texture. I've only ever tried bread pudding served in a bowl with a spoon, but was pleasantly surprised by the one at Oriole9! I loved the flavor and softness of the bread pudding, and it was so perfect it didn't need any syrup. The bacon was crispy and tasted great with the hints of sweetness from the pudding.

Cream of Mushroom Soup, $6.5: This soup had a wonderfully thick texture and was bursting with flavor. My only small complaint would be that it was a little too salty.

Oriole9 Breakfast, $12.5: 2 eggs, house made sausage, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, potatoes, toast.

Before I die-- a really cool global art installation originating from New Orleans. 

My sister helped me come up with mine: eat at every Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. 
For part of my Christmas present, my lovely bf gave me the 2013 Michelin Restaurant Guide and told me to choose a place for us to visit. I haven't had a chance to read study it yet, but I can't wait!

17 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498

(845) 679-5763

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  1. Hey Lauren.. The manchego cheese omelet looks awesome. Looks like a nice outing in Catskills. :-)

    1. Hi Nisha,
      I only had one bite of it, but it was pretty delish!


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