Friday, March 29, 2013

San Francisco: Seafood Happy at Swan Oyster Depot

Swan Oyster Depot is a fish market that any seafood lover must visit in their lifetime. It has been at this Polk Street location since 1912, and is currently run by the Sancimino family.

Beware that getting to the restaurant on a Saturday at noon may not be the best idea. Especially if you're hungry, which the 5 of us cousins were. A consoling factor is that people in line have the option of buying beer served in a red solo cup. There is also a CVS across the street in case you need to grab a bag of chips for the wait. We ended up waiting two hours. Oh but it was so worth it.

A long counter with stools for not-so-comfortable seating, but great for always being able to catch the eye of one of the servers/preparers. 

Complimentary sourdough bread. So wonderfully sour and crusty.

Cup of Clam Chowder, $2.75: This chowder has a thin consistency and is filled with clams and potatoes. There is a bowl of oyster crackers on the table that you can help yourself too. (Does anyone know why they are called oyster crackers?) 

Smoked Salmon, $19.50: Incredibly fresh smoked salmon sliced upon order. Drizzled with lemon juice, and served with capers and red onions. 

Kumamoto Oyster: Creamy and intense, this is one of the best oysters I've ever tasted.

Combination Salad, $21: If there was such a thing as a king of salads, this would be it. There was such a generous amount of shrimp, prawn, and chunks of crabmeat.  Almost every single delightful bite included a piece of seafood. This seafood salad could undoubtably satiate even those who claim that salads aren't filling or is only a "diet meal". 

Shrimp Cocktail, $9.95.

When we asked for the cheque, this lovely looking fellow/帥哥 pulled out a napkin and pen, and asked us to list everything we'd ordered. When we named the drinks, he said he would comp those. Brilliant end to an already amazing meal.

1517 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-1101

If you're in a hurry or don't want to wait, Swan Oyster Depot also offers take out.

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  1. Yes, he is a lovely looking fellow, indeed. LOL. When I visit SFO next time, I'm gonna check out your blog for all your recommendations. I'll probably go in the next 2 months. :)

  2. I have been dying to try this place! Thanks for sharing your experience and lovely photos!


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