Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DC: Cupcakes at Baked and Wired

Anyone who's even briefly read this blog knows that I have a love affair with cupcakes. I've talked about how Molly's Cupcakes is my favorite in NYC, and on my recent trip to DC, Jing introduced me to the best cupcakes there. So good that I ended up at Baked and Wired three times in the course of a week.

Baked and Wired sells a variety of baked goods, including the best cupcakes, or "cakecups" as they call them. The cafe serves deliciously moist cakecups with imaginative flavors and a very laid-back atmosphere. Do note that the cafe does not offer free wi-fi.

All the cupcakes are $3.50, which is a very good price for what you get, as these cupcakes are almost double the size of similarly priced cupcakes at Sprinkles, Georgetown Cupcake, Molly's Cupcakes, etc.
I loved that each cupcake is wrapped with just one piece of wax paper. Once the paper is pulled down, it's easy to grab a fork and dig in.

A display of cupcakes, pies, biscotti, cookies, and more!

On my first visit, I was so overwhelmed by the interesting flavor offerings, that I simply asked the server to choose one for me:

On my second visit, I came with 2 friends, and the 3 of us shared the following 2 cupcakes. Because of the large portions, it was perfect. One friend Natalie is absolutely obsessed with Sprinkles, and I brought her here to prove that Baked and Wired is even better. 

Menage a Trois: Chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. The tiny heart sprinkles were adorable, and luckily enough, the rest of the cupcake did not disappoint. The raspberry filling offered a wonderful tartness that enhanced the sweet chocolate. 

Flapjack: Maple brown butter cupcake with caramel buttercream and candied bacon on top. Bacon on a cupcake? I had to try this. Bacon really does go well on pretty much anything. The sweet and salty flavors mixed well, and the cupcake had hints of cinnamon in it. Superb.

German Chocolate: Light chocolate cake topped with gooey coconut pecan frosting. My favorite cupcake. This looks very rich and decadent, but the chocolate cake was on the lighter side. The frosting was out-of-this-world. Chopped pecan bits were mixed into the dense frosting, bringing some crunch to each bite. Only complaint here? I wanted needed more frosting.

After devouring these cupcakes, Natalie agreed that Baked and Wired is great for their ambiance and creative flavors, but she prefers Sprinkles because it's "easier to eat", as it's smaller in size.

My third visit was on a Saturday afternoon, and the line was crazy. (Well, not crazy compared to Georgetown Cupcake's almost permanent line of 20+ people). Still, waiting in line for cupcakes seems a bit silly. Even for me. I did want my bf to try these though, so we endured a 15 minute wait.

Strawberry Cupcake: Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries folded in the batter finished with pink buttercream. (Bestseller). This cupcake is so girly and beautiful, I loved the look of the miniscule white sprinkles on the frosting. This definitely tasted more cake-like than the others. It's a great option if you're looking for a lighter cupcake.

Baked and Wired's cupcakes are great for sharing, but a little too much for one person. If I was looking for cupcakes to bring home or share with friends, this would be my first choice, but if I wanted to grab one for myself, I would probably go elsewhere, as it's too messy to take home half of an unfinished cupcake. (They really are big!)

1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW (btwn 30th and 31st Streets)
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-2500
*American Express not accepted.

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  1. I love cupcakes, I am a bit obsessed! The german chocolate one looks quite amazing.

  2. I love cupcakes too, I'm so excited for our cupcake date next week. It's a cakecups place too. I went to Baked and Wired a few years ago and I loved the ambience and coffee, I didn't love the cupcakes. I tried the Red VElvet and it wasn't that moist to me, especially in comparison to Billy's and now Molly's! Did you feel that way at all? Strawberry is their bestseller, I didn't know, hence I didn't try it. I've gotta try Sprinkles. I really like Georgetown Cupcakes, glad they finally opened in Manhattan. :)

    1. I was actually going to get the Red Velvet! I've only ever tried the banana pudding at Billy's, but I think it's equally moist to Molly's. If you return, get the German Chocolate or Raspberry filled ones. Most memorable.
      And Sprinkles is basically a cupcake institution! You need to get on that! haha


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