Thursday, April 18, 2013

DC: Fast Gourmet, Lunch at the Gas Station

Meet Fast Gourmet. It's a sandwich shop located right next to a gas station. Yes, gas station. And it's amazing.

The shop shares a lot with a gas station. So convenient. You can fill up on gas and grab a great sandwich while you're at it.

Greek Salad, $8.50. Decent and fresh, this was a great size for sharing. 

Chivito, $13: Tenderloin, mozzarella, black forest ham, bacon, green olives, escabeche (pickle), hard boiled egg. A fancy sandwich for a very fair price. This was hearty and fantastic, packed with the tastiest ingredients on a soft roll with a slightly burnt top. The tenderloin was very tender, and all the fillings were stacked tight enough that pieces weren't falling out with each bite. 

The skinny fries were excellent-- served crispy and with traces of skin on most pieces. (Skin is always welcome on fries. It makes it more "real".)

The Argentinean owner/manager was behind the counter when we ordered, and was very patient as we stood there studying the menu on the blackboard. Although the shop is "order and sit down-style", when he noticed me stand up to grab a few napkins from another table, he rushed over and brought a stack of napkins to us. Midway through our meal, he also came over and asked how the food was. Unexpected great service for a non-full-service restaurant!

1400 West St NW (at N 14th St)
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 448-9217

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  1. Those fries! Drool. haha Such a random place for good food!

  2. Delicious. I love Argentinian food. That sandwich looks delicious.. and so moist. Eventhough I don't eat beef, I can still drool. :)


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