Monday, May 6, 2013

A Food-Filled Weekend in Maine

2013 has been a great year so far. I've been trying to take more trips this year, and it's been so fun. I was able to see family in San Francisco in February, visit my college campus and old classmates in L.A. in March, take in the stunning cherry blossoms in D.C. in April, and spend this past weekend in Portland, Maine.

Portland is such a charming city filled with excellent food. Since moving to New York a few years ago, Maine was always on my list of places to visit (mainly because of their famously delectable seafood). If you ever get a chance, go! The flight from NYC to Portland is only around 50 minutes, and many of the hotels conveniently provide complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off transportation.  

Exchange Street in the lovely Old Port area. There are great bars and shops here.

After a monstrous seafood lunch yesterday, we went for a very long walk hike from the Old Port to Fort Allen Park, and back. A total of 2 miles round trip. Although I whined just a tad (my bag was heavy!) the view was beautiful and we saw so many cute dogs along the way.


Another bonus of the hike was that after we'd walked off our lunch, we were ready to eat again-- Gorgeous Gelato, the best gelato ever.

Poutine from Duckfat. Unquestionably the best snack/side dish I've had this year.

A beautiful steamed lobster from J's Oyster.

Locally brewed Allagash White, this fruity wheat beer is the first beer I've ever liked.


  1. Love this review. Makes me yearn to go to Portland just for its seafood!

  2. I went to Portland once, but I didn't see much. I'd love to go back... especially for the salmon and shrimp. Love the picture of the Exchange area... so pretty.


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