Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Portland, Maine: Standard Baking Co.

Located on Commercial Street right by the Old Port, is The Standard Baking Co. This delicious bakery offers a variety of breads, pastries, and cookies. The shop is set back off the street with a large parking lot in front, and The Hilton a few steps away.

There are two tables and a few benches outdoors to the left of the bakery entrance, and no seating inside.

Muffins, brioche, cookies, and baguettes!
Ham and Cheese Croissant, $4.01: I've loved croissants my whole life, and have never had one quite like this. Topped with sesame seeds, this brought a whole new dynamic. The croissant itself was buttery and flaky, with a thick layer of asiago cheese and pieces of ham on the inside. 

This bakery had me wishing we had stayed at The Hilton so that we could visit for a pre-breakfast, pre-lunch, or afternoon snack. So good.

75 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 773-2112

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  1. If you were eating pastries before and after every meal you def would have been STUFFED the entire time. Esp since you were already so full from that wknd. LOL

    1. True, true. But being so stuffed would've been worth it!!

  2. That looks amazing Lauren. Need to visit Maine sometime.. I hear it's beautiful. I went to Portland once, but didn't really hang out and sightsee.

    1. You must go back!! 2 days was not enough for me..

  3. OMG! That last photo is leaving me drooling. I want one.


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