Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visiting Old Favorites in NYC

A few of my college friends were recently in town, and although the weather was insanely hot last week, we still powered through... and visited many of my favorite restaurants. I really think that's one of the best things about having visiting friends. It's a great excuse to eat to your heart's content in a short period of time.

Pork Hirata Buns at Ippudo

We checked out the new Ippudo in midtown (loved it! review coming soon), had $1 oysters at Mermaid Inn, a dinner at Hakata Tonton (where we ordered everything I had last time. I know, not very adventurous, but just so good), strong drinks at Ten Degrees Bar, and brunches at Calle Ocho, Five Points, and my new favorite spot El Camion.

And for now, I shall detox for the rest of the week (as in the next 2 days)...


  1. I really wanna try calle ocho and 5 points.. the weather is so nice now, can't wait to start doing brunch again.

    1. Nisha, let me know when you're free!! Let's go together! Always down for either of these 2 spots :)


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