Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Scottish-Italian Dinner at Incognito Bistro

I was intrigued as soon as I received an invitation to a press dinner at Incognito Bistro and learned that the cuisine was Scottish-Italian. Turns out, the restaurant has done a seamless job of intertwining the two cuisines. I've also discovered a new favorite dessert...

The pretty restaurant exterior in the flatiron.

Upon walking in, you're greeted with spacious high and low tables, and a bar currently adorned with halloween decorations. The dining room is beautiful, with soft lighting, high ceilings, beautiful black and white photos, and hand-painted murals on the columns.

It was a joy to be entertained by Chef Paolo Montana's wife, who is a hostess and also an actress. She brought much laughter to our table, and was so animated when describing all the dishes, I almost felt like I was at a show.

Below are my favorites from our tasting menu that night.

Smoked Scottish Salmon Pizza with lemon ricotta, goat cheese, capers
Amazing thin crust, with a very nice smoky salmon. The goat cheese brought a nice balance to the fish, and the lemon juice intensified all the flavors. I was lucky enough to bring home leftovers of this, and it made for a very satisfying dinner the next day. 

Burrata with string beans, cherry tomatoes, Italian truffle essence
I am so very attracted to anything with truffle, so once I saw and inhaled the smell of truffles, I couldn't wait to dig in. Although the string beans were a little too crunchy, the creamy mozzarella dipped into some truffle oil made me quickly forget about them. 

Pea Soup
This hot pureed pea soup was delicious. It is a simple soup with no dairy, just peas with some olive oil and a tiny piece of bread. I would definitely order this next time.

Highland Haggis: lamb sausage with turnips, creamed potatoes and whisky jus
When I read the description, I was a little afraid to try it, as I'm not a fan of lamb or sausage. I figured since it is quite a Scottish dish though, I had to have a little bite... which turned into a few more bites. There was no trace of gameyness, and the jus was just spectacular. I didn't taste the whisky very much, but I did really enjoy the savory sauce. It reminded me of steak sauce-- perfect for dipping some French bread in.

Cannelloni stuffed with beef and spinach
An incredible dish, and one that stood out in the meal. Everything was just right-- the just out of the oven temperature, the ratio of beef to homemade pasta, the tasty vegetables, and delicious cheese. Next time I even think about making a similar lasagna at home, I plan to skip that work and come to Incognito Bistro instead.  

Cranachan: berry compote, chantilly cream, toasted Scottish oats, and honey
I had never heard of cranachan, but I'm glad I know of it now. It's a traditional Scottish dessert, and tastes very similar to a yogurt parfait... except it's much, much better. I could honestly eat this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's fantastic. The berry compote was unbelievably fresh, nothing was too sweet, the honey drizzle was a wonderful addition, and the oats had a great natural flavor. I swear this dessert makes me rethink ever wanting to end a meal with cake or ice cream again. 

FYI Incognito Bistro offers an all day everyday happy hour.

30 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 414-1231

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*This meal was complimentary, hosted by the restaurant as part of a press dinner.

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  1. I say the same thing every time... gorgeous photos Lauren, doing my post this week. :-)

    1. And I have the same reply everytime... it's the skills, not the camera! haha jk


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