Thursday, January 23, 2014

Miami Beach: Chalan on the Beach

Aside from Yardbird, my other favorite restaurant of the weekend was Chalan on the Beach. This Latin American restaurant serves up an extensive selection of seafood, rice dishes, and meats. Portions are very generous and prices reasonable. You can't help but leave here completely satiated.

Located on 16th Street and Washington Avenue, Chalan was a quick 10 minute walk from the Setai. So convenient and so delicious that we went twice over the weekend.

Note that the wait can be long, up to over an hour during dinnertime.

The complimentary bread was warm but very dry. I had a few bites, then decided to save room for the rest of the food. What must be mentioned here though is the green sauce in the picture. Known as Aji Verde, this spicy Peruvian sauce is made in-house at the restaurant, and my mouth is actually watering as I think about it. It's definitely on the spicier side; my nose was running just minutes after my first taste of it, but it was so worth it. The sauce is composed of garlic, celery, jalapeño, pepper, olive oil, and water. 

Mixed ceviche, $13.95: fish, calamari, shrimp, octopus, sweet potato, corn
I couldn't even believe how big this portion was for the price. Anywhere I've had ceviche in NYC, it has been a quarter of this size, and with no corn or sweet potato on the side. Most importantly, this ceviche is absolutely delicious. The tangy citrus sauce really highlighted the freshness of the seafood.  

Lomo Saltado, $12.50 sautéed strips of sirloin flap meat mixed with onions, tomatoes, and French fries with a side of rice.
A very popular Peruvian dish, and noted on the menu and by the servers as one of the most popular dishes at Chalan, this was certainly my favorite. The meat was so tender and succulent, with hardly any fat (the type of steak I prefer!). Although it's wonderfully flavorful on its own, I couldn't help but dip almost every single piece into the aji sauce before enjoying it. The fries (and later some beer) helped set the fire out in my mouth.

Arroz Con Mariscos, $15.50: rice, secret yellow sauce, shrimp calamari, octopus
Similar to paella, this Peruvian dish was another highly praised dish at Chalan. I was very impressed with the high quality seafood in this very fairly priced dish. Nothing was too chewy. 

Chalan on the Beach
1580 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 532-8880

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  1. Not the point of your post, but I've always wanted to stay at the Setai! :)

    The Arroz looks delicious.

    1. Setai was amaaaaazing! Def check it out :)


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