Friday, January 3, 2014

The Start of 2014

So far 2014 hasn't started off as well as I hoped. I'm fighting a terrible cold, NYC is currently -8 degrees celsius, and worst of all, we've had a death in the family.

Although all of this has me in poor spirits, looking back on my most recent trip home to Hong Kong makes me feel slightly better.

Dreary day on my last night in HK

My beautiful parents

Eel rice at Cafe Too

Salmon, hamachi, and the most delicious crab legs at Cafe Too

Fried Squid at Yue, my favorite dim sum restaurant

Making cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner

The most beautiful and tasty macarons (complete with metallic colored ones) from Yangie

Molly staring out into the distance, as she likes to do

Shanghainese dumplings before my flight back to NYC. 


  1. Sorry about your loss Lauren. I hope you are around friends and family at least. Love all these pics, especially of your parents and Molly.

    1. Thanks, Nisha. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Awww Mom & Dad so cute! All that food looks so good think it's making me hungrier than I already am. (Esp that eel rice!) And I'm surprised Mollz didn't run away as she noticed you approaching with your camera! haha I wanna pet her! Hopefully this year we get to go home together. <3

    1. Of course Mollz would've run away. I surprised her and shot it really quick. Then she got up and walked away. Silly doggie.


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