Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nashville: Monell's at the Manor

I was excited about this Southern family style restaurant, and unfortunately was severely disappointed. The mansion setting was unique, with a beautiful interior that made it feel like we were dining in someone's grand living room, but I did not find the food up to par with the ambience.

Monell's has several locations, but we chose to visit this one because of the fact that it's in a mansion. We arrived on the early side, around 11:30am for the weekend breakfast, and had to wait around 15 minutes because the host has to seat people in groups of 13. Once some other couples and a small family arrived, he sat us together and food was served shortly thereafter.

Although you do have to sit with strangers (unless you have a large group that can be seated alone), small talk isn't totally mandatory. Some people only spoke to others when asking for certain dishes to be passed to them. Since we were seated across the table from some friendly local Nashville residents, we told them we were visiting from NYC, and they gave us a lot of suggestions for things to do/eat/see.

The Saturday breakfast ($14.95) is served between 8:30am and 1pm, and includes sweet tea and coffee.

Greeted with a beautiful staircase upon walking in.

The dining room.

Cinnamon roll and biscuit with a side of peach preserve. The cinnamon roll was hot and delicious.

All the plates are brought to the table and passed to your left. This was the giant meat plate. The bacon was thick and too chewy, and the sausage patty was too salty.

The eggs tasted like carton eggs often served in cafeterias, and the fried chicken was the ultimate disappointment-- it tasted like old oil, and batter that was too thick. The one item I did like was the corn pudding (similar to creamed corn).

This was an interesting experience-- dining with strangers in a beautiful mansion. However, at the end of the day, the food is the most important part about eating at a restaurant, and this was borderline awful. Would not return here.

1400 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37217

(615) 365-1414
*no reservations

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