Monday, February 24, 2014

Nashville: Rolf and Daughters

I first heard of Rolf and Daughters when I came across an instagram picture of the pastas, posted by a food editor at Bon Appetit magazine. Upon further research, I found that not only did this place earn a spot on Bon Appetit's list of 50 best restaurants of 2013, but also that almost every single item on the menu had an interesting twist to it.

When I called two weeks in advance, although I couldn't get a reservation, the hostess told me that the bar area and several communal tables are reserved for walk-ins.

We weren't really sure we had arrived at the right place, because it was a very quiet residential neighborhood, with what looked like a power plant nearby.

I loved the industrial interior of Rolf and Daughters. It felt like a more casual and cozy version of 4th and Swift in Atlanta.

It was a pleasant surprise that when we arrived at 7:45pm on a Friday night of Valentine's Day, we were seated immediately!

Clear Eyes Full Hearts cocktail, $11-- Yes, Friday Night Lights represent!

Chicken Liver Pate, $11: served with carrot marmalade, cocoa
Amazingly creamy and rich, with just the right amounts of cocoa flavors. I really enjoyed the savory and sweet combination that came with the marmalade. My go-to snack is usually fig butter/fig jam with cheese, and this felt like a classier version of that snack. For the amount of pate in this jar, it would have been great if there was more bread. We ended up asking for more, which we were later charged $1.50 for. Not expensive, but it's always appreciated when servers notify patrons of extra charges.

Brussel Sprout, $10: with apple, hazelnut, pecorino
I've never seen brussel sprouts served this way, and I have to say, it was great to see it plated like a salad. It was covered in a refreshing citrus juice, and was scattered with almonds and chickpeas.

Gnocchi, $18: with oxtail sugo, thyme
The bf is a huge fan of oxtail with anything, so it's no surprise he ordered this! Although incredibly tasty, it wasn't very tender.

Squid ink canestri, $17: with shrimp, squid, pancetta, lemon
Here lies one of the most incredible pasta dishes I have ever had (my number one will forever be Del Posto's spaghetti with dungeness crab). Perfectly al dente, with slightly spicy and tangy flavors. I was surprised that the seafood and pancetta were practically minced up, but it did make it easy to include in every bite.  

Garganelli verde, $17: with heritage pork ragout, sarvecchio
Another bold and delicious pasta.

700 Taylor Street
Nashville, TN 37208

(615) 866-9897

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