Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amazing Los Tacos No. 1 at Chelsea Market

I love Mexican food. Adore it. Although NYC doesn't have the abundance of taco trucks and shops the way Cali does (omg Tacolicious in SF and Guisados in L.A.), I definitely just found my new favorite spot over here. Right in Chelsea Market. Hello, Los Tacos No. 1. I plan to return again and again.

Los Tacos No. 1 was opened by three friends, two from California, and one from Tijuana, Mexico. Although it seems strange that authentic and delicious tacos are sold in Chelsea Market, a somewhat touristy, mishmash of a retail space filled with art, jewelry, spices, and restaurants, one bite of a taco from here, and it feels like you've been transported right to a taco shack in Mexico. Truly. The Best.

We arrived at around 12:30pm and the line was 12 people deep. The 10 minute wait wasn't too bad though; we spent that time deciding how to narrow down all the good choices. 

Prices of $2.50 - $3.50 per taco are pretty fair, as we found a decent amount of meat and fillings in all of them. Delicious tacos indeed.

All the drinks are made in-house.

No seating available, but these tacos are so worth standing at the counter and eating with your hands for. Trust me, I don't do that for just any food!

After giving your receipt to this kind man, he asks if you want corn or flour tortillas, and if you want all toppings. Corn of course, and minus the cilantro for me.

Lunch for two...

Chips and guacamole; $3, Horchata, $3
The chips were thick and crispy; would have been even better served warm. The guacamole was fresh and nice, but lacked lime. I would probably skip this next time and get an extra taco instead.
The horchata was superb, not too sweet, and not too watery (common offenses with horchata).

L-R: Pollo Asado taco, $3; Carne Asada taco, $3.50
There was a surprisingly generous amount of meat in both of these, and even more of a surprise is that guacamole is included as a topping for no extra charge. The chicken was very tasty and tender, while the steak was a little tough to chew, and slightly bland.

L-R: Adobada taco, $3, Fried Quesadilla with adobada (special quesadilla), $5
And here lies the stars of this lunch. Adobada is the most amazing and satisfying taco filling I've ever had. The savory seasoned pork, the sweet slices strips of pineapple, the crunchy flaky tortilla-- get this for some guaranteed happiness.

This in-house made medium salsa was also insanely good. I piled it on every bite. It has the perfect amount of spiciness (medium, but still got my nose running), and had so much flavor. I later asked the cashier what it's made of. His answer? "Peppers... peppers." Guess I won't be able to replicate this at home!

Chelsea Market 
75 9th Avenue (between 15th and 16th Streets)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 256-0343

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