Monday, June 9, 2014

Brunch at Buvette

I'm quite certain now that I will never run out of brunch places to try in the West Village. There are so many cute and cozy restaurants of various cuisines scattered throughout the neighborhood, and every time I walk by these eateries, I can never resist running over to the doorways to study their menus.

Buvette is definitely one of those charming, quintessential NYC brunch spots that one must try. After many years of hearing rave reviews about this French gastropub, we finally made it happen over Memorial Day weekend. We were so lucky to not have to wait at all for our group of four to be seated. It was probably due to the lack of people in town over a holiday weekend, so do get there on the early (noon) side if you're getting brunch.

As much as I loved everything that we tried, the portions are just so small (most served on side plates/plates slightly larger than tea cup saucers), that for the prices, I don't think it's a good enough value to warrant many return visits. Truly unfortunate, because writing this post is already making me want to go back.

The cafe is small, with a bar and one row of tables in the front dining room, one large communal table up a few stairs in the back, and a tiny outdoor area. Everyone is seated very close together, so this isn't a place for secret conversations! I'm wondering if the small plates are so that they take up less space on the table. Or it could just be for a bigger profit margin?

Croissants with butter and jam, $7
I couldn't believe these two mini croissants were $7. Yes, they were fantastic-- fresh and soft, with some heavenly butter and jam, but expensive nonetheless.

Yogurt with almonds, walnuts, honey, $10

Berries, $10
After ordering the yogurt, our server said "oh and would you like some berries with that?" We said yes without assuming that it would be an extra order. It would have been more clear if she then stated that it could be added at $10. 
Fresh and sweet, but overpriced.

Croissant sandwich with sunny-side egg, bacon, gruyere, maple syrup, $15
So very delicious, but at $15, there should be a side of salad or potatoes or fruit. Although, it's probably a good thing that this rich, high calorie breakfast is so small... there's only so much a heart can take. 

Eggs with caviar and creme fraiche, $25 (special of the day)
When people talk about how to correctly cook scrambled eggs, I'm quite confident they are talking about eggs that come out like the ones at Buvette. So soft, fluffy, and moist. I'm sure there was plenty of butter, and that's not a bad thing. Oh, and of course the caviar on here was a delight too!

Not pictured here, but we also tried the bloody mary ($12) and it is so forgettable that I didn't bother snapping a picture.

42 Grove Street (between Bedford Street and Bleecker Street)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-3590
*No reservations

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