Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brunch at Jack's Wife Freda

I had been wanting to try Jack's Wife Freda for a long time now. Because of the popularity as well as the small size of the restaurant, getting here at normal brunch hours on weekends guarantees a long wait. Last time, our party of 2 was quoted an hour and a half at around 12:30pm. We were ravenous and ended up going elsewhere, but that made me even more determined to go back. This past Saturday, a group of us met up at 8am to check out the last weekend of summer streets, and specifically the zipline near Brooklyn bridge. It looked quite lame, so of course the next best option at that hour was to visit a popular brunch spot since it was so early and we wouldn't have to wait. Jack's Wife Freda was a very good decision.

Look at that beautiful emptiness! This is what you get for being up and out early on a Saturday. Photo taken at 9am (when the restaurant opens for breakfast/brunch everyday).

Rosewater waffle with lebanese yoghurt, mixed berries, honey syrup, $10
Obviously, one much like rosewater in order to appreciate this. I'm a huge fan of Indian rose flavored rice pudding, and this was just as tasty. The only problem I had is that I prefer my waffles to be light and fluffy, and this was the opposite-- a little too dense and chewy.

Madame Freda: pressed sandwich with duck proscuitto, cheddar b├ęchamel, gruyere, fried egg, $13
Cheese, bread, egg, meat make for the most complete and delicious breakfast. This was made even better because it wasn't just ham or some other boring meat. It was filled with pieces of duck prosciutto! Amazing. I took tiny bites of this to make it last longer.

That egg ooze. Yum. And I must thank my friend Jessica for splitting both the Madame Freda and the rosewater waffle with me. I'm always torn between savory and sweet brunch items, and I was so lucky that she was willing to share.

House cured duck bacon, $6
I didn't know there was such a thing as duck bacon. Did you? Well it does, and it's amazing. This wasn't crispy, but the taste made up for that.

I also want to mention that the service here is superb. Our server (possible Freda?) was so patient with our group of 6, and when I spilled a glass of water all over my boyfriend's lap (oops), she ran over with towels. He also ordered the matzoh ball soup which wasn't ready at the time so he decided to hold off. Part way through the meal, our server brought it over and said it would be complimentary. So nice!

224 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 510-8550

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