Friday, August 29, 2014

I Need/Want a Cheeseboard

I love cheese so much. The cheese section at Whole Foods is probably one of my favorite spots in the whole grocery store. I usually like to get some mozzarella to pair with a juicy tomato, olive oil and basil. When I'm in the mood for something stronger, I like truffle cheese or the soft and stinky taleggio. Shockingly enough, as big of a cheese lover as I am, I do not own a cheeseboard. This needs to change soon, but skimming through the many choices out there, I really am quite torn...

Here are my favorites:

This grey slate is so pretty, and the board would be great for parties since the names of the cheeses could be written out with chalk right onto the board. That wooden knife pairs so well with the board too.

The combination of marble and wood here! Want. 

All the colors look so vibrant on the white marble.

The knife fits into a hollow in this wood board. Although the knife seems way bigger than what's needed for cheese slicing, it looks great.

Lastly, of course a beautiful set of knives is necessary to go with a beautiful board!

Decisions, decisions...

12/ 34/ 5

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