Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brunch at Five Leaves Brooklyn

Five Leaves has been on my to-visit brunch list forever, but probably mostly due to the fact that it's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (farther than I like to travel for brunch), it's taken a while to actually make happen. With Labor Day weekend in effect, I figured that hopefully lines wouldn't be as long for brunch spots that don't take reservations, and so off we went. We were quoted a 15 minute wait time at around 2pm, and that turned into 5 minutes when the party ahead of us didn't show up. Yay!

Almost walked right past the restaurant without realizing it was Five Points. No clear signage, but I did see "Five Leaves" on the menus sidewalk-seated diners were looking at. (I can't help that my eyes are always drawn to menus!)

Be prepared for tiny tables and unintentionally listening to everyone's conversations going on next to you.

House made ricotta with figs, thyme, honeycomb, sea salt, fruit-nut bread, $12
A must-order! This soft and light ricotta mixed amazingly well with the herbs, sea salt, and sweet honeycomb. The fruit-nut bread was a little over-toasted with burnt parts here and there, but that was so quickly forgiven once the ricotta and toppings were spread over it. This is one of the best cheese dishes I've ever had.

Five Leaves bloody mary, $10
A solid bloody mary with the right balance of all flavors. 

Ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter, banana, blueberries, strawberries, $13
I was so excited about these pancakes, but was unfortunately very disappointed by them. They were not light or fluffy or moist, which are my requirements for a good pancake. Definitely brownie points for the generous portions of fruits, but that's not what my focus should've been on with a pancake dish! 

Five Leaves burger with beef, house pickled beets, mayo, and sunny side up egg, $16+$2 extra for truffle fries
So much flavor in this burger! The meat was juicy and seasoned well, complemented perfectly with the sweet pineapple. Topped with a runny egg? Perfection. Also, make sure to pay the extra $2 for truffle fries. Crispy all around and a lovely strong truffle-ness to them.

18 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-5345


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